top of page is Now Supplyed! has officially rebranded to Supplyed in an effort to streamline digital operations and further improve the overall customer experience. We are putting a large focus on bringing our business online and making the purchasing process easier than ever. With better technology, system automation, and greater resources, our team at Supplyed works hand in hand with our customers every step of the way.

We are still the same company our customers have grown to know and love over the past 15+ years of doing business and aim to continually improve and exceed expectations. We are a leading supplier of drapery and shade hardware and window motorization solutions. Simply put, we provide everything drapery-related, but the fabric. We design, extrude and mould all our own products. To name a few, we produce batons, carriers, track, motors, workroom supplies, and much more. As a manufacturer, we also provide custom fabrication and OEM services to companies looking for private labeling. Our experienced hardware and installation experts help design products that cater to the installer, designer, and customer, resulting in high demand for our products in the hospitality industry. Established in 2002, was initially comprised of two individuals who had a dream to revolutionize the window treatment industry. Since then, we have been steadily expanding to fit the demanding changes of a growing industry. Our corporate office is established in Los Angeles, California while our warehouses are strategically located on both the East and West Coast for faster shipping and added convenience. We stock all our products in our warehouses ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice. Our setup is designed to efficiently provide quality products on a timely basis to those in the industry at competitive prices. In the early days of ( now Supplyed ), most drapery hardware products were simply used due to their availability. They hit a glass ceiling and change was stagnant. Our founder saw a traditional industry with an ever-growing demand for something new and refreshing. He began sourcing quality raw materials and collaborating with manufacturers to create unique and exciting products for many clients. Word began to spread and a small company began making a name for itself through products alone. The pamphlet advertising our products grew into a catalogue and more pages were added with every passing year. Our growth has been fueled by our passion to develop new and exciting products for the ever-changing hospitality industry. We welcome you into this new chapter as we continue to innovate and reach for higher goals under the new Supplyed brand.

For more information, contact Corey Victoria, Digital Operations Manager at and (626) 471-9980.



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