10 AM – 5 PM


1TUC – 9 am – 5 pm

WFCP CERTIFICATION: Window Fashion Design

Presented by: Cheryl Meiklejohn, Rainbow Draperies LTD

Throughout the eight sessions, you’ll learn:

  • The history of design, as well as principles and elements of design

  • The different styles of bedding and cushions and how to measure for bedding

  • The anatomy of a window, the different types of windows and the various styles of Hard window coverings

  • For soft window coverings, looking at all the different types of fabric and lining and where they are used best, as well as looking at all the different styles of headers for drapery as well as valance and roman shade styles

  • Measuring for windows, yardage calculation, “Details Behind the Design” book—an extremely easy way to figure out yardage for drapery, valances, bedding, roman shades, cushions, bench cushions, etc.—as well as learning window treatment and drapery terminology

  • Learning about all the different types of drapery hardware and the best application for each type

  • Things to consider when setting up your own window fashion business​

2TUC – 9 am – 5 pm

WFCP CERTIFICATION: Motorized Window Coverings Certificate Program

Presented by:  O’D McKewan, Master Installer, General Manager of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

Description: This all-inclusive program will cover everything from the basics of motorized window coverings to the advanced techniques of designing and installing custom motorized window covering projects. The program will educate you on the correct terminology, the different types of motors and control options available, and allow you to identify and suggest the proper power supplies for all types of projects.


It will also show you how to design and manage custom motorization projects for residential and commercial projects. You will learn how to specify wiring, power supplies and location of hardware needed. You will learn specific installation techniques to minimize your costs and limit return service calls to allow for larger overall profits per project. We will discuss some of the newest technologies in automation, including voice control and how to integrate with other components including A/V systems, HVAC and lighting. Bye the end of this program, you should feel confident in working with your clients, contractors, electricians and automation programmers to sell, design and install custom motorized window covering projects of all sizes.

3TUC – 9 am – 5 pm


Presented by: Roger Magalhaes, Owner of Trading Up Consulting

In this all-day class, Roger will share his 15 years of packaged knowledge in the industry. From measuring all types of treatments to basic installation of hard treatments, hardware options for drapery projects and options to select the proper plantation shutters on any window type, he will even give you a good base for motorization projects and ideas to set up your working van. After that, you will be able to talk with confidence about any window treatment type.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build up knowledge and confidence to discuss projects with any prospects, from measurements of hard treatments, soft treatments, plantation shutters and even motorization

  • Learn tips and techniques on measuring and quick installation trick

  • Become more efficient at your installations and, consequently, look more professional 

4TUSS – 9 am – 11:30 am


Presented by: Will Hanke, Chief Marketing Strategist for Window Treatment Marketing Pros

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with optimizing your website for more organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We’ll cover the most important SEO tools and tasks that will get your website on page one of Google for terms that generate leads.

Learning Outcomes:

  • On-page SEO tactics (metadata, web hosting, server speed and content)

  • Off-page SEO tactics (link building, citations, optimizing your Google My Business profile)

  • SEO tools to track your progress

  • Free tools from Google to make sure you’re on the right track. Plus, learn “what’s working now” in digital marketing and how you can take advantage of the latest SEO trends before they become mainstream.

5TU – 9 am – 10:15 am

Diversifying Your Income: Trading Your Time for Dollars Is Not a Long-Term Business Strategy


Presented by: Claire Jefford, Claire Jefford Inc.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that you never can be too complacent and rely on only one way to earn money. There is a big buzz about earning money online and it’s no joke! Whether it’s from monetizing your blog, selling your own digital products, collaborating with others or different types of affiliate partnerships, there are many exciting possibilities. Learn how I’ve diversified my online income streams to exceed $100,000 annually by including multiple revenue streams in my business. When the pandemic initially hit and all my design projects came to a halt, my bank account did not suffer. You can do the same!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Where to begin and how to know where to focus

  • THE MOST important weapon in your arsenal for creating a successful online business

  • Four income streams that generate the highest revenue and what mistake to avoid that EVERYONE makes

6TU – 9 am – 10:15 am

MASTERCLASS: Roman Shades, Part 1


Presented by: Sandra Van Sickle, Sew What’s New LLC

The journey to becoming a shade expert starts here!

Begin the four-part series by understanding and making sure you’re in compliance with cord safety standards. Next, you will learn about clutch, springs and motor systems. Knowing the features of each will ease your fears and give you the confidence to choose one system over another and better manage your client’s expectations.
Each session in this Roman Shade Master Class series builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous class, giving you a wealth of knowledge on one of the most popular window treatments in the industry today.

Attendees that complete the four-part series along with having their Shade Passport stamped by selected vendors will receive a Certificate of Completion, plus they can take part in a BONUS class in Workroom Central. The bonus class will be a hands-on experience where you will learn three ways to string a shade. The mini sample shade will be yours to keep. Don’t forget to have your Shade Passport stamped!

*Taking all four parts of the Roman Shade Master Class qualifies you to take the WFCP Workroom Certification test for only $50 (regular price $75). Become a WFCP Workroom Professional at IWCE!

7TU – 9 am – 10:15 am

Closing the Sale on the 1st Call!

Presented by: Oliver Schreiber, Beltway Blinds

In this course, we will review how to close the sale, starting with having a sales methodology in place and following the steps. The goal of the appointment is to come out with the sale. Those attending the class will be given a list of the steps to the sale, along with multiple sales strategies and closing techniques used by sales professionals worldwide.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Make sure they understand you are there to earn their business…TODAY

  • Give them a reason to buy…TODAY

  • Make it easy for them to purchase…TODAY

8TU – 9 am – 10:15 am

Emotional Side of Color & Decorating

Presented by: JoAnne Lenart Weary, The School of Interior Decorating

Have you ever walked into a space and thought, “This is pretty, but I couldn’t live here”? Something can “look good” but not “feel good.” Color and design are personal, transformative and powerful. The key to transforming a space begins with understanding your client’s DNA and preferred color palette that tells their story and elicits emotion…the emotion your client wants to feel.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establish your client’s design DNA

  • Identify preferred color palette

  • Emotional impact of design principles

9TU – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Own Your Own Value: How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

Presented by: Madeline MacRae, MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting, CEO

Have you ever shied away from asking for the sale?

Felt guilty asking someone to pay “so much” for your products or services? Got thrown off your game when someone told you, “Wow! That’s EXPENSIVE”?

Or maybe you’ve felt awkward “tooting your own horn,” have felt a little uncomfortable talking about what you do best or haven’t been able to articulate why to pick you or your company? You are not alone. Having confidence and ease in addressing the price and talking about your value with clients and even in marketing copy is one of the things that many people find truly difficult. None of that must be hard, awkward or off-putting anymore!!! Join Madeleine MacRae for this power-packed session where she will transform your beliefs around pricing, value and your willingness to shout your worth from the rooftops.


In a highly interactive session, we will dive into the psychology of value, the value of on-the-spot selling (without ever having to be sleazy or pushy!) and the true worth you—personally and as an organization—bring to the table. These 75 minutes have been some of the most transformative minutes sales teams, business leaders and marketing gurus have ever invested in for themselves!!

10TU – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Video Reels: The Fastest Way to Grow Your Instagram Following

Presented by: Claire Jefford, Claire Jefford Inc.

If you are frustrated with the slow growth of your Instagram audience and feel like no one is seeing your carefully curated posts, you are not alone! Instagram recently announced that they are continuing to give preference to video content versus still images. T


hat doesn’t mean you can’t post your pretty portfolio pictures, BUT it does mean that to have a better chance of getting eyeballs on your content, you need to start utilizing their video features like Stories, IGTV and Reels. Don’t get left behind, learn how to leverage video to grow and engage your audience.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The major differences between Stories, IGTV and Reels

  • 3 video styles and how to determine which is right for you

  • Best practices to get more views and engage loyal followers

11TU – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

One-Day Decorating

Presented by: JoAnne Lenart Weary, The School of Interior Decorating

One-Day Decorating is perfect for today’s quick-gratification customer. It doesn’t mean cheap, throwaway solutions, it simply means turning the project around in days instead of months. In this fast-paced seminar, we will discuss how to add One-Day Decorating to your list of services, plus how to evaluate a space to make changes in placement, color and the addition of new products. From design foundations to marketing the service, we will explore it all.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Armed with the foundations for a new revenue stream

  • Understand and implement the importance of placement in a room

  • How to evaluate a space to make revolutionizing changes

12TU – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Measure What Matters: Create Metrics to Measure Your Business Succes

Presented by: Michele Williams, Scarlet Thread Consulting

Knowing what to measure is as important as knowing how to measure it. In this session, we will learn how to create key performance indicators that will propel your business forward measuring what matters. You will create a system for reviewing these measurements and you will know how and when to make changes to reach your goals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to choose measurements that are important

  • How to actually measure

  • When to change the metrics

13TU – 12 pm – 12:45 pm

Take a Break with Oliver: How to Generate Leads – Your Pipeline for Success

Presented by: Oliver Schreiber, Owner Beltway Blinds

Take a mid-day break for a light meal while being inspired and motivated!
Discover how Oliver Schreiber, Owner of Beltway Blinds, will share the story of how he grew his business over 100% during the pandemic of 2021.
Learn how to generate a fresh appointment today, next week or next month with Direct Response campaigns. The purpose of this workshop is to help window covering companies take a fresh look at how they are marketing their businesses and how marketing can help grow their businesses, quickly!

14TUSS– 1:00 pm – 3:45 pm

MASTERCLASS: Roman Shade, Part 2

Presented by Julia Hash, JSH Designs Inc, &  Ken Van Sickle

In Part 2 of the series, you will take a closer look at the inner workings of a system. In this session, you will learn more on how to cut springs and cassettes, assemble and adjust the system to your specific needs. Professional installer Ken VanSickle will be on hand to share his expertise on best practices for mounting the shades and using proper tools to cut components.


During the hands-on portion, you will be given the opportunity to learn by doing. Regardless of the segment of the industry that you are in— designer, workroom, installer—the knowledge gained in this session will better equip you to sell, assemble and/or tweak a system with confidence.
Don’t forget to have your Shade Passport stamped!

*Taking all four parts of the Roman Shade Master Class qualifies you to take the WFCP Workroom Certification test for only $50 (regular price $75). Become a WFCP Workroom Professional at IWCE!

15TU – 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Community Building: As Easy as Ready, Set, Post


Presented by: JoAnne Lenart Weary, The School of Interior Decorating and Rebecca Rueth, Rebecca Rueth Designs

Starting a business is easy, staying in business is the hard part. Whether you are Gen X, Y, Z or a Boomer, building a community is the key to success. In today’s world, there are so many ways to build that community that figuring out everything can all seem so overwhelming…until now.
In this action-packed, interactive seminar, we will show you in real time how to blend old-school and today’s marketing strategies with real demos and hands-on exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Actual hands-on social media hacks

  • Community-building checklist

  • Marketing content-planning worksheet 

16TU – 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Maximize Your Lead Flow with PPC & Google Ads

Presented by: Will Hanke, Chief Marketing Strategist for Window Treatment Marketing Pros

Learn the latest changes in Google AdWords, Paid Search and how PPC can be the key to almost unlimited scalability in terms of lead flow for your window treatment and/or awning business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why PPC is the key to unlimited scalability for lead flow in your area

  • Live examples of PPC campaigns generating 5 to 15x ROI for other window treatment companies

  • How to set up and structure your PPC campaign for minimum cost per lead and maximum ROI

17TU – 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Hiring the Right People: Job Ads That Really Work

Presented by Madeline MacRae, Homepro Toolbox, CEO

Has your revenue been growing but you’ve been struggling to get good people into your business? Are you getting absolute crickets when you post a job opening online? Or are ending up with terrible candidates who don’t show up on time—or at all—don’t fit your culture, don’t want to work hard? You are not alone. One of the most important jobs of a business owner or leader is getting the right people into the right positions doing the right work in their organization and, with the employment situation what it is across the country, this responsibility is a challenge. So, let’s stop doing that. Join Madeleine MacRae and learn how to craft ads that attract the EXACT RIGHT person for the job you need them to do.

Learning Outcomes:

  • In this high-impact 75-minute session, you will learn what you need to change in your approach to change the results you’re seeing.

  • We’ll talk about the people you need, how to get them to notice your ad and we’ll even talk about a trick to make sure your interview process is vetting them in the best way possible.

  • Bring your open positions with you because we will workshop together a few positions and ads that could really be gamechanging in your hiring success.

18TU – 3pm – 4:15 pm

The Power of Visualization to Create Beautiful Rooms

Presented by: Donna Cash, Designs by Donna

The power of visualization is a tool often overlooked in room design. Have you ever been stuck on selecting the correct balance of fabrics, fibers, textures, colors and decorative drapery hardware for client projects? In this session, Donna Cash will show you how to use visualization to create spaces your clients will love to live in. It’s all about going within at the beginning of the process. This session will leave you with a new outlook for starting new client projects.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to go within and visualize

  • Understand how to mix and match fabrics, textures and colors in the right proportions for room design.

  • How to select decorative drapery hardware to complement window fashions

19TU – 3 pm – 4:15 pm

How to Optimize Your My Business Google Profile

Presented by: Will Hanke, Chief Marketing Strategist for Window Treatment Marketing Pros

Having your business show up in Google’s "3 pack" of results can benefit your business tremendously. Being “part of the conversation” when a potential customer is looking for your product or service means more leads and phone calls, and that means more revenue!
In this session, we’ll go over the key parts of your Google business profile and show you how to edit these to get more eyeballs on your brand.
Plus, tips on getting more five-star reviews, a crucial piece of your business’ success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The five biggest issues that could be preventing you from ranking in the map system

  • Best tools to systematize and automate the heavy lifting

  • How to get more authentic reviews for your business

20TU – 3 pm – 4:15 pm

Developing a Printed Textile Collection Part 1

Presented by: Rebecca Rueth, Rebecca Rueth Designs

Have you ever wanted to create your own textile collection, but weren’t sure where to even start? Even if you don’t draw or paint, there are so many ways to create artwork that can be further developed into repeating patterns. In this presentation, we will look at examples and discuss sourcing inspiration and media exploration, putting together a dynamic collection of repeating layouts, procuring and deciding on ground cloths, planning colorway options and preparing designs for different production methods.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to use a mix of resources to come up with your own unique inspiration

  • A variety of techniques you can use to create the motifs for a surface design collection

  • The importance of diversifying your collection by mixing different pattern layouts, scales and repeats

  • What to consider when planning colorways 

21TU – 3 pm – 4:15 pm

Grow Your Business with Reduced Stress

Presented by: Michele Williams, Owner of Scarlet Thread Consulting

Scaling your business doesn’t have to wear you out: Growth in business happens organically and with intention and in many different ways. Your growth may be taking on more jobs or bigger jobs. It might be hiring and moving locations. Growing a business can be overwhelming and costly if not done intentionally. In this presentation, you will learn how to create a business plan to grow in a way that supports your business strengths. You will be able to identify the key levers for growth. You will create strategies to maximize the resources you have.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a business plan to grow in a way that supports your business strengths

  • Identify the key levers for growth

  • Maximize the resources you must scale with ease

22TU – 4:40 pm – 5:30 pm

Opening Address Leadership Forum & Book Signing

Keynote Speaker: Jay Steinfeld, Founder

Learn the four leadership principles that helped Jay Steinfeld build into the No. 1 online retailer of blinds in the world, disrupting Amazon and big-box retailers, ultimately leading to the sale of his company to The Home Depot.


To be indispensable, show that you can be dispensable by empowering others. Discover how those principles can help you maximize your own career trajectory.

23TU – 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Welcome Back Reception // Icebreaker

In celebration of connecting in person again, join us for a festive reception including drinks, appetizers, music, and networking. Exhibitors and attendees will have the chance to network and meet in a relaxing, fun environment to kick off the show.

Meet with exhibitors in a casual setting while enjoying music, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. Network with your peers and our education experts.


Business casual attire requested. 




1WESS – 9 am – 12 pm

SUPERSESSION: Sales Master Class

Presented by Madeline MacRae, Homepro Toolbox, CEO

What do you think is the No. 1 thing that salespeople want to learn how to do?
Handle objections.
In survey after survey, this is the one topic that most salespeople believe will help them sell better. And they are not wrong…well, not all the way wrong.
Being equipped to handle objections is a key element in sales, but to do this like the pros that sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of window treatments A MONTH (yes! you read that right!), you need to lean into a great process from the start.
Join Madeleine MacRae for an intensive content-packed two-and-a-half-hour super-SALES-session. She will teach you:

Learning Outcomes:

  • The exact process that the best of the best use in the first 30minutes of their consultations

  • The best language to use to set yourself up for higher-dollar sales

  • The most successful approach to the top objections, including, price, timing and, you guessed it, talking it over with their significant other

You will leave this session inspired and equipped to succeed in the field even more than what you might be doing today!!!

2WE – 9 am – 10:15 am

MASTERCLASS: Roman Shade - Part 3

Presented by: Donna Cash, Designs by Donna

In Part 3 of the series, industry expert Donna Cash will speak on home automation and programming. Your draperies and shades have been perfectly fabricated. You have a motorized drapery track and shade headrail. You have a remote control. Now what? How do you make them go?


Have you ever had these questions? Or is the unknown keeping you from confidently selling motorization or home automation? In this session, Donna Cash will give you pointers to think about before the sale, at the time of the sale, all the way through the successful installation. In this session, Donna will also show you how to pair the handheld remote to the motor, walk you through programming your drapery and shade, and how to reset the motor back to factory settings. The goal of this session is to help you build your confidence so you can confidently sell motorization and home automation.

Your clients aren’t afraid of technology you shouldn’t be either!
Don’t forget to have your Shade Passport stamped!
*Taking all four parts of the Roman Shade Master Class qualifies you to take the WFCP Workroom Certification test for only $50 (regular price $75). Become a WFCP Workroom Professional at IWCE!

3WE – 9 am – 10:15 am

Selecting the Right Fabrics

Presented by: Cheryl Meiklejohn, Owner of Rainbow Draperies LTD

Have you ever had a drape manufactured only to find it does not hang the way you thought it would? Join us for this seminar, where we will be looking at all the different types of fabric and why we would choose one over the other. Which lining should we be selecting behind the drapery for each project? Which fabrics hang best for drapes? What fabric should I look at for valances? When choosing fabrics for bench cushions or upholstery, what should I be looking for? When it comes to bedding, what are my choices and why we make those choices? Become more aware of “selecting the right fabric”!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn which fabrics do and don’t work for different styles

  • When and how to use lining

  • Fabrics for bedding and upholstery

4WE – 9 am – 10:15 am

Installer’s Toolbox

Presented by: Roger Magalhaes, Owner of Trading Up Consulting

Looking for ways to be more efficient at your installs? Roger will share what he brings in for each installation. In most cases, he does not need to return to the van searching for extra tools and losing precious time and money. He has developed a “survival kit” that covers for most of his installs in one trip to the jobsite.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Learn how to increase your bottom line by being more efficient on each installation

  • Leave your customers with a WOW factor, which will surely translate into referrals

  • Cut down the amount of wasted time going back and forth to your van looking for tools to complete an install

5WE – 9 am – 10:15 am

Interior Design and Color Trends: What’s HOT and What’s NOT for 2022!

Presented by: Claire Jefford, Claire Jefford Inc.

Some interior design trends are classic and will never date. While other trends get a lot of interest initially, they can go out just as quickly as they came in. Your client’s look to you as the go-to expert for all things related to interior design and home decor. Learn how to spot those trends that will date the quickest and easily identify what is timeless in the world of color and design.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The top five design trends that will never die 

  • How to spot the trends you’ll want to avoid 

  • Four classic colors that will always be on trend

6WE – 9 am – 10:15 am

Introduction to Motorized Window Coverings and How to Sell Them Confidently

Presented by: O’D McKewan, Master Installer, General Manager of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

If you are intimidated by motorization, or would like to learn more about how to sell motorization, this is the easy to understand course and the first step to becoming a master in motorization. You will learn and understand the correct terminology, the different motor types and control options, and you will be able to identify and suggest the proper power supplies. By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp on the options available to you and how to relate that to your clients, thus increasing your confidence and your ability to sell motorization. 

7WE – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

The Art of the Virtual Sale – Expand Your Business Without Leaving Your Business

Presented by: O’D McKewan, Master Installer, General Manager of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

In this course, you will learn the steps of creating and successfully implementing an online virtual sales program. You will learn how to alter your current website to gain virtual clients. You will learn about online programs and apps to use during virtual consultations. You will learn how to leverage your time and see multiple clients in a short amount of time without ever leaving your home or business. By the end of the course, you will learn art of the virtual consultation and how to close sales without ever visiting the job site.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to close sales on a virtual sales call

  • How to change your website attract virtual clients

  • What apps and online programs enhance virtual sales

8WE – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

The Benefits of Launching Your Own Print Collection

Presented by: Rebecca Rueth, Rebecca Rueth Designs

One of the things that the past couple of years should have taught us is the importance of having multiple revenue streams. In addition to the income created by launching your own pattern collection, there are several other added benefits, such as expanding your business opportunities, setting yourself apart from the competition, increasing media exposure, attracting more clients, building brand awareness and credibility, which can provide you with influencer status and pave the way for possible licensing deals in the future. In this presentation, we will talk about the timeline of developing and producing a collection, how to find and work with a surface pattern designer, and the initial investment and overall costs compared with the long-term earning potential and all the other benefits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the timeline of developing and producing your collection

  • How to find and work with a surface pattern designer

  • Weigh your investment and costs with the long-term earning potential

9WE – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Window Treatments: A Nonnegotiable Full-Service Interior Design

Presented by: Sara Lynn Brennan, Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, LLC

At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to understand the value in utilizing window treatments in all full-service projects from multiple perspectives including aesthetically, financially and from a customer service standpoint.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Educate and inform clients to value in adding custom window treatments to their home for a more holistic and impactful design; a full-service project is not a full-service project if elements of the room are left unattended to.

  • Evaluate the positive financial impact on your business of adding custom window treatment services for clients throughout their home; window coverings are often the gateway to gaining additional scope on ideal client projects.

  • Create the portfolio for the ideal clients you desire. Added layers often look more luxe, and if you post spaces with window coverings, you will attract clients who are after that same look.

10WE – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Leveraging the List: Email Marketing and Remarketing

Presented by: Will Hanke, Window Treatment Marketing Pros

Many window covering companies have a nice list of past happy clients, but not many are proactively engaging with them to increase their bottom line. In this session, we’ll learn about the power of database reactivation and consistent outreach to grow brand equity and exposure to people that already know, like and trust you. Plus, learn how to tie it all back to your website through remarketing for even more revenue potential!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why “there’s money in the list” and how you can leverage your past sales for additional brand exposure

  • Understand the importance of remarketing and conversations with customers that are on the fence

  • Easy-to-implement website improvements that lead to more eyeballs on your products and services

11 WE – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statements

Presented by: Michele Williams, Scarlet Thread Consulting

Analyze your income statement to maximize profits. In this session, we will look in depth at the income statement to analyze the numbers and percentages that give insight to your company’s financial health.


You will be able to identify financial indicators that will guide your decision making, understand where your money is going and how to create a more financially healthy company.

12WE – 12 pm – 1:15 pm

WCAA Presents Best Business Practices for a Successful Relationship Between Designer, Installer, and Workroom

Presenters: Sara Lynn Brennan, Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, LLC, Roger Magalhaes, TradingUp Consulting & Vita Vygovska, Vitalia, Inc.

In this dynamic panel moderated by LuAnn Nigara (A Well Designed Business® Podcast and Window Works), Sara Lynn Brennan, Vita Vygovska and Roger Magalhaes will discuss the ins and outs of the critical relationship between the designer, the workroom and the installer. They are peeling back the curtain on their personal business practices on how each works with the others to build respect, foster a team-focused vision and place the success of the project at the forefront.

Learn what’s working and what to avoid. Discover the secrets of proper communication, setting correct expectations, best ways of devising bulletproof systems and effective problem-solving.   

You’ll walk away with the strategies and tactics to create successful professional relationships that ensure a successful window treatment project.

13WE – 5 pm – 6 pm

MASTERCLASS & Book Signing

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Corey Damen Jenkins

Nationally acclaimed designer Corey Damen Jenkins is known for creating architecturally inspired spaces that are polished, inventive, and unexpected. Taking cues from the haute couture runway, his projects feature luxurious and refined materials and a mix of vivid colors and layered patterns. The AD100 and Elle Decor A-List interior designer will discuss his new book Design Remix, published by Rizzoli, MasterClass course, and how he creates elegant interiors designed for today's world through window coverings and classic elements seen in modern applications. Book signing after the presentation.

14WE – 6 pm – 7:30 pm

VISION Design + Workroom Competition Awards

Join us in honoring our 2022 VISION Design + Workroom competition winners. View award-winning projects and discover new inspirations!


There will be a cocktail reception in the ballroom foyer from 6 pm – 6:30 pm (cash bar).  Appetizers will be served. Business formal attire requested. 

FREE – Preregistration required. Limited seating.




1THSS – 9 am – 12 pm

Mastering Motorization of Custom Window Coverings


Presented by: O’D McKewan, Master Installer, General Manager of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

If you are comfortable selling standard motorization for window coverings or have attended the Introduction to Motorization seminar, this course will take you to the next level of custom motorization. You will learn how to select the proper motors and power supplies. You will learn different wiring and installation techniques to separate you from your competitors. You will learn how to integrate and apply new technology including smart hubs and voice control. By the end of the course you will be able to speak confidently about motorized systems and be able to use the correct terminology when describing the systems to prospective clients, electrical engineers and automation integrators.

2TH – 9 am – 10:15 am

Details Behind the Design: Hardware

Presented by: Chery Meiklejohn, Owner of Rainbow Draperies LTD

Decorative hardware is the finishing touch in your window treatment projects. There are many options available, but which one is best for your client’s needs and for the design and functionality of the finished product? Cheryl will take you through the options and considerations of selecting the appropriate hardware for a variety of installations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What structural features affect the selection of hardware?

  • Different installation functions

  • Correct spacing and mounting for different installations including black-out, stationary, traversing and more.

3TH – 9 am – 10:15 am

Management Excellence: How to Get Your Team to Do What You Need (And What to Do If They Don’t)

Presented by Madeline MacRae, Homepro Toolbox, CEO

The lingering impacts of COVID-19 have taken their toll on team members, managers and even on consumers. Consumers have less patience and people are feeling far more stretched and stressed—making every manager’s job just a little bit harder than they used to be.
Don’t be mistaken: Management was never easy.
Nobody is born with management skills, and even the most natural-born leaders must learn how to manage. So, if it’s not hard-wired in, how do you do it? How do you effectively manage people and get them to do what you need and want them to do?!

Join Madeleine MacRae for this session, specifically designed for owners, managers and anyone responsible for the performance of other people, where she will help you:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize why being an excellent leader might not be enough for you team

  • Understand how to win in management, even if you’ve never managed people before

  • Leverage a game-changing tool called “The Money Test” that will make it crystal-clear when you need to delegate and grow your team

  • Know what to do (and exactly how to do it!) when a team member falls short of your expectations or really drops the ball

4TH – 9 am – 10:15 am

Packaging Your Design Services

Presented by: Sara Lynn Brennan,Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, LLC

At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to evaluate their current services and group them into packages that can be streamlined and automated to maximize efficiency, grow profits within their business and set realistic client expectations from the start.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate and create a list of the most frequently asked questions you get regarding your process, services and fees.

  • Review current processes and services offered and group them into packages that answer your most frequently asked questions from clients.

  •  Create and publish packages on your website that will streamline and automate your process as much as possible while also setting clear client expectations.

5TH – 9:00 am – 10:15 am

MASTERCLASS: Roman Shade - Part 4

Presented by: Sandra Van Sickle, Sew What’s New LLC, Julia Hash, JSH Designs LLC

In Part 4 in the series, you will see firsthand a collection of inspiring shades showcasing a range of fabrication methods paired with the different systems.
Now that you have a better understanding of the lift systems, it’s time to combine that knowledge with the different styles, shapes, fabrics, weight and fabrication methods to accommodate your client’s needs and expectations.
Don’t forget to have your Shade Passport stamped!
*Taking all four parts of the Roman Shade Master Class qualifies you to take the WFCP Workroom Certification test for only $50 (regular price $75). Become a WFCP Workroom Professional at IWCE!

6TH – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

How to Add Layers to Your Window Treatments for an Elevated Look

Presented by: Sara Lynn Brennan, Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, LLC

At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to understand the value in offering custom window treatment services in their design firm due to the fact that each window can have multiple layers, as well as the opportunity to replicate the same look throughout the entire home, growing the project profitability exponentially.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Determine how and why custom window coverings can be extremely valuable to your clients’ homes, your design portfolio and your business’ bottom line.

  • Understand the language and strategies to use when speaking to clients about how window treatments create high impact on any space or project due to the added layers of beauty, customization and luxury they bring, as well as essential functionality.

  • Educate clients on what types of “layers” window treatments can offer. From blinds to drapery, to roman shades, you can include multiple visual and internal layers to any window treatment project that will drastically impact the look and feel of the space as well as your project profitability.

7TH – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Build a Project Management Tool for Your Business

Presented by: Julia Hash, JSH Designs LLC

Airtable is an efficient way to organize and manage your day-to-day operations of your business! This easy-to-use online platform is perfect for you as a designer, workroom owner or installer. The user interface is simple, colorful, friendly and allows anyone to create a database in minutes. You can store, organize and collaborate on information about anything—like employees, clients, product inventories, store terms and conditions, project photos, files and MORE!

Join Julia as she shares this effective project management tool and how she uses it to manage her workflow for her very busy workroom.

8TH – 10:30 am – 11:45 am

7 Steps for Successful Negotiation

Presented by: LuAnn Nigara, A Well-Designed Business® Podcast and Window Works

Every day we engage in a myriad of negotiations, some critical and charged with emotion and some that are less complex and more readily resolved. However, whether you are negotiating with a client over discounts or deficiencies in your products or services, or with a vendor who disputes a claim or with an employee who is asking for a raise, your ability to negotiate strategically and with a clear head will often determine the outcome. Listen as LuAnn walks you through the 7 foundational steps to purposeful negotiating.

9TH – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

100 Rapid Fire Tips

Join the leaders and educators of the industry in the Grand Finale of IWCE!

Featured on the exhibit hall on the Grand Stage, 10 of the industry’s finest will share 10 essential takeaways in a fun, rapid Fire format.
The perfect gift from us to get more essential tips.