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The International Window Coverings Expo Donates $25,000 to SEE International

The International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE), the largest trade show and conference for window coverings, selected SEE International as its nonprofit for 2024. SEE stands for Surgical Eye Expedition. SEE International is a team of volunteer ophthalmologists whose mission is to restore the sight of impoverished people throughout the world. Since its inception, these doctors have performed sight restorative procedures to over half a million men, women and, sadly, a surprising number of children. 

The campaign included generous donations from exhibitors and attendees. An IWCE-sponsored raffle was held, offering an all-expenses-paid trip to next year’s expo in West Palm Beach, Florida. The $10,000 goal was surpassed due to greater than expected contributions, plus a compassionate match from an anonymous donor. The winner of the raffle and a trip to IWCE 2025 was won by Linda Bassert, design principal of Masterworks Window Fashion and Design in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area. “Even though I had four tickets purchased on the first day of the show, I reflected on what it takes to perform one operation and I purchased an additional two. My cheek muscles are sore from smiling so wide!” said Bassert. 

“I am so grateful and proud of our industry for stepping up to the plate and embracing this very worthwhile cause. Since we are in an industry which adds beauty and light control to customers’ homes, it was a judicious decision to select SEE International as our nonprofit for the year,” according to Grace McNamara, IWCE show producer. 


About SEE International:  

SEE is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that provides medical, surgical and educational services to restore sight and make high-quality eye care more accessible worldwide and at home. The organization consists of a network of more than 650 volunteer ophthalmologists who help address preventable blindness by providing free sight-restoring surgeries and eye care services to communities in need. Since 1974, SEE has served over five million individuals and performed over half a million sight-restoring surgeries worldwide. For more information and to support SEE’s work to end preventable blindness, visit



About IWCE: 

The International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) is the only conference and trade show in North America, the world’s largest market for window coverings. The conference offers a unique experience/opportunity for like-minded business professionals to see the latest product innovations and experience world-class educational sessions and unprecedented networking opportunities. Learn more at





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