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SmartWings Offers Cutting-Edge Matter over Thread Motor, Pioneering Future-Proof Technology for Home Automation

Grapevine, TX – 4/8/24 – SmartWings, a leading name in motorized shade innovation,

raised the bar with the launch of their revolutionary Matter over Thread Motor. This

groundbreaking advancement has now been market-tested and is poised to redefine the

landscape of home automation, ensuring customers stay ahead of the curve in an

ever-evolving tech world.

At the heart of the Matter over Thread Motor lies a fusion of two industry-defining

protocols – Matter and Thread. Matter, a forward-thinking programming language

protocol, seamlessly integrates with Thread, an advanced infrastructure protocol. This

dynamic duo forms the backbone of SmartWings' latest motorized shade innovation,

delivering unparalleled compatibility and performance.

"The significance of Matter and Thread protocols cannot be overstated," says James

Gan, CEO at SmartWings. "Major tech players like Apple, Google, and Amazon have all

rallied behind these protocols to establish a universal operating system for the Internet

of Things (IoT). With the launch of our Matter over Thread Motor, we're empowering

customers to future-proof their investments and stay ahead of the technological curve."

But what sets the Matter over Thread Motor apart? It's simple – unparalleled innovation

and unbeatable performance. By harnessing the power of Thread protocol, SmartWings'

motorized shades offer benefits such as lower power usage, self-repairing capabilities,

and a mesh network that grows stronger with each device added. This translates to a

seamless user experience and unmatched reliability, setting a new standard for home

automation excellence.

As demand for the Matter over Thread Motor continues to soar, particularly within the

home automation market, SmartWings is actively seeking partnerships to expand its

reach and strengthen offerings to customers. By joining forces with industry

professionals, SmartWings aims to make this groundbreaking technology more widely

accessible, ensuring every home can experience the future of automation today.

"We're not just selling motorized shades – we're pioneering a revolution in home automation," adds James Gan. "Our mission is to empower consumers and industry professionals alike with the tools they need to embrace the future with confidence and ease."

For more information about SmartWings and the Matter over Thread Motor, visit


About SmartWings:

SmartWings is a leading innovator in the motorized shade industry, dedicated to

pushing the boundaries of technology and design to create unparalleled solutions for

modern living. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction,

SmartWings is shaping the future of home automation, one shade at a time.

Media Contact:

Maddy Atchley

Marketing and Sales Director





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