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ABO Window Fashion Introduces Newly Designed Panel Track Blinds; Sleek, Smooth, and Stylish

Visit BOOTH 539 at the International Window Coverings Expo, April 11-12th 2024, to experience ABO Window Fashion’s new Panel Track Blinds in person. Starting at 3 panels, and available up to 12 panels, these can cover as wide as 22 feet! These sliding Panel Track Blinds are perfect for a wide (no pun intended) variety of utility.


Excellent for both residential or commercial spaces; they can be used to cover a patio sliding door, divide large rooms, or partition office/commercial space. Easily mountable to the wall or ceiling makes them a perfect option for enhancing open floor plans.


When it comes to panel styles and finishes, choose from 50+ styles! Whether you are looking for a full blackout option for maximum privacy or more light filtering options, we got you covered (we even have fire resistant panels too!).


Designed with a sleek, compact track which measures less than 1.5 inches in thickness (for up to 7 panels, or 13ft wide). Minimizing its installation blueprint, not only makes the install a breeze, but also provides customers an alternative to bulkier systems.



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