IWCE 2017 Conference Overview

TUESDAY, March 7, 2017

Become a Window Fashion Workroom Professional in 1 ½ Days Staci Faulkner, Owner and Operator of Staci Faulkner Designs
WFCP FastTRACK Workroom Specialist Certification:
We are combining the 6-week program into a 1.5 day program that will include: basic business set-up, basic workroom set-up, fabrication of panels, valances, Roman shades, cornices and bedding. Hands-on learning in a fast-paced class to give participants the knowledge they need to become a WFCP Workroom Specialist. The test will be given during the last session.
WFCP Non-Certified: $750

TU2 – T – 10:30−2:00
Duke Mansion Tour and High Tea
Built in 1915 and tripled by its most famous owner James Buchanan Duke, The Duke Mansion has been home and host to leaders of the 20th century. Duke’s most lasting legacies, including Duke University, Duke Energy and the Duke Endowment, took shape at the home. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Mansion is operated as a nonprofit with all proceeds being used to preserve and protect this community treasure. It also includes four and a half acres of beautiful gardens and grounds.
After your guided tour enjoy High Tea in the Ray Dining Room. Visit and sip high tea and nibble on tea sandwiches, scones, and desserts prepared by Executive Chef Harrison Booth. Shuttle included.

TU3 – T – 8:00−6:00
Home Décor from the Ground Up: An Insider’s Guide to the Design Process
When you realize that the genesis of every room in America begins within a 100-mile radius of Charlotte, you’ll jump at the chance to participate in this customized version of the famous High Point VIP Market Experience. With this day-long journey Deb Barrett brings you the unique opportunity to understand the home furnishings big picture–after all we don’t design window treatments in a vacuum. You’ll be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the processes to create almost every design product for the home. With exclusive access to manufacturers, showrooms and studios, this full day pre-conference tour will bring you to the center of North America’s design universe. Transportation and lunch included. Click here for the full tour itinerary.
High Point Tour
Lead by Deb Barrett, Principal and Founder, Window Dressings

WEDNESDAY, March 8, 2017

WE1- 8:00−9:15
Opening Ceremonies: Excellence is a Decision: Top 10 Things I Learned from a Well Designed Business
LuAnn Nigara, Award Winning Window Treatment Authority, Author, and Host of popular design podcast and business dynamo
As designers, we are constantly calculating—picking a perfect color, selecting trim, or curating art. It’s the same with how you run a business: how you treat your clients and your employees are daily decisions, whether consciously or not. Maybe you can’t always be excellent, but I know you can always strive to be.

WE2 –S- 9:00−12:00
Super Session: Workroom Math: Confidence in Your Numbers
Ann Johnson, Owner, Sew Easy Windows, a wholesale workroom
Math is a vital workroom tool. Work through mathematical challenges and set up simple formulas and worksheets for many of them. Convert sketches to finished measures, calculate fabric requirements, pleat to specific finished widths, calculate your $$/hour, and more. Tackle math head-on and make it work for you.
WFCP Certified: $120 Non-Certified: $165

WE3 – 9:15−10:30
Modern Embellishments: The History and Revival of Trimmings
Jana Platina Phipps, Trim Queen and well-known trimming designer
Join Jana Platina Phipps, the Trim Queen, on a visual tour of the evolution of trimmings, from utilitarian beginnings to the art of passementerie, and finally to the tool and embellishment that reigns today as “the jewelry of a room”. You will enter factories to see how trims are manufactured globally, learn to identify good, better, and best trims to inform and upsell your clients, and leave inspired by the many examples of the latest application trends.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE4 – 9:15−10:30
Open Your Color Toolbox to Success
JoAnne Lenart-Weary, Principal, JLW Company
Coloring a room is much like dressing for a day. We want to maximize the good and minimize the negative. Learn how to use color to correct, contour and highlight elements of the room. Join color expert JoAnne Lenart-Weary as she shares the color tips anyone needs to know. Whether you are staging or decorating, color can make or break the project, learn how to become a color hero, not a color zero.

Attendees will learn:

* #1 Color Mistake and How to Avoid It

* The one color tool you can’t live without

* The impact of Hue Bias

* Showcasing with Color

* Correcting with Color

* Using Color Ratios to your Advantage

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE5 – 9:15−10:30
High End Custom Window Coverings: From Picture to Reality: How to Fabricate from a Photo
Laurie Medford, Industry Expert, GCWA, WCAA, WFCP and IDS
Has a customer ever handed you a photo and said that was the treatment they wanted? You said “sure”, and then wondered how to get it done? This session is packed with information on how to go from a photo to an actual treatment, including some pattern drafting. This is a hands-on session so come prepared to do some math and get creative!

In this session you will learn to:

1. Use industry tools to help photos become reality

2. Understand proportion and scale

3. Learn to take your measurements into fabric

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE6– 9:15−10:30
Introduction to Motorized Window Coverings and How to Sell Them Confidently
O’D McKewan, General Manager, Master Installer, 3 Blind Mice
If you are intimidated by motorization, or would like to learn more about how to sell motorization, this is the easy to understand class and the first step to becoming a master in motorization. You will learn and understand the correct terminology, the different motor types and control options, and you will be able to identify and suggest the proper power supplies. By the end of the course you will have a firm grasp on the options available to you and how to relate that to your clients.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE7 – 9:15−10:30
Planning for a Profitable Window Coverings Business by Pricing Your Services Right
Michele Williams, Scarlet Thread Consulting, WCAA
Join Michele Williams as she helps you plan to make a profit. In this seminar you will learn about Gross Profit and Net Profit and the expenses that separate the two. Learn to take your profit first and to pay yourself a salary…then to spend what is left on the business. In addition, you will learn how to cover your taxes and to save for retirement. Say goodbye to entrepreneurial poverty!
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE8 – 11:00−12:15
An Installer’s Guide to Dressing the Window
Jim Shinn, Owner, Simply the Best
The science of dressing window treatments could definitely be considered more of an art form utilizing techniques, tools and sometimes trickery to get that elusive smile from a customer. Learn on-the-wall fan folding as well as hand dressing and manipulating various treatments to get the best results.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE 9- 11:00−12:15
Put Your Wanderlust at the Window
Deb Barrett, Principal and Founder, Window Dressings
Inspiration come in many forms; for Deb it’s always centred around her fascination with what’s around the corner. The all NEW window designs in her signature showcase, demonstrate how
Deb connects the dots between history and modernism, between cultures and creativity in a showcase developed to help you build your own couture-level portfolio. Filled with the finely crafted processes, fresh techniques and unique designs Deb is famous for—a must-see for designers and workrooms. High End/Couture Seminar.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE 10- 11:00−12:15
Slipcover vs. Upholstery Showdown
Tracy Windley, Drapery & Design Magazine, Tammy Paradoski, Owner, Daisy Chain, LLC
It has been a long-standing debate as to which is better, reupholstering a piece or making a slipcover. In this class, the instructors will let you decide. Using a simple Parson’s chair, we will review what types of things to hone in on during the evaluation process and tips on how to price each method. We will have two identical pieces, one that has been reupholstered and one that has a slipcover. Students will leave this class familiar with each skill, with the ability to evaluate a piece being considered and how to price fairly for their specific market.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE11 – 11:00-12:15
Top 10 Proven Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Customers
Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing
Many window covering companies spend a lot of time and money to drive traffic to their website, but yet, their phone is still not ringing. We will teach you the top 10 proven factors you must have on your website to convert web visitors into solid leads.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE12 – 1:00-2:00
Panel: How to Take Your Home Business to a Half Million Dollar Business Moderator
Steve Bursten, Karen Essay and Susan Day
Like the 4 Minute Mile, everyone knew it was impossible – until Roger Bannister did it in 1954. In the next year 24 more did it. Karen Essary, IWCE design awards winner, set the “4 Minute Mile” for a drapery workroom serving residential customers. Now, Karen and a panel of friends will tell how you can do the same. Learn how they managed a proven system in their own way with their own personal goals. Attend this session and learn:

1. How a home business owner can acquire national brand products at buying group pricing to present to customers in their home or office.

2. How to present design solutions, price, and complete the sale on the first appointment

3. Marketing methods to attract high quality customers within a nearby area

When the session ends, business owners who are blinds specialists, workroom owners and drapery experts will know how to get education to attract high quality customers, take samples to their home, and win large profitable sales from competitors. WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE13- 1:00−2:00
Design Collaboration: The Designer-Workroom-Installer Team
Jim Shinn, Owner-Simply the Best, Tracy Windley- Drapery & Design Magazine, Renee Rucci- Renee Rucci Design and Julie Wood- the Leading Edge Drapery, LLC
A flawless project and happy client depend on the intricate communications between all members of the Design Team. Attend this informative panel discussion with some of the industry’s best. Learn how each team member needs to: · Understand customer expectations · Convey all measurements, technical stats and unusual details · Communicate to ensure a flawless start to finish project
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE14 – 1:00−2:00
Increase Your Profits by Finding a Niche
LuAnn Nigara, Award Winning Window Treatment Authority, Author, Host of popular design podcast and business dynamo
Can you get more niche than window treatments? Yes! For example, we specialize in servicing the interior design trade. Narrowing your focus allows you beat the competition and become the go-to person in one specific area. For those who figure out how, it’s a very profitable business strategy.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE15 – 2:30−3:45
Pattern Play: Lessons in Scheming the Perfect Mix on the Window
Deb Barrett, Principal and Founder, Window Dressing
Nothing creates impact on a window like pattern, but it can also create some nervous moments in the life of a design professional. When designing your projects, being able to apply a few guidelines and having an understanding of pattern and print can result in much success. We’ll explore pattern – from styles, motifs and layouts to placement, repeats and schemes – that you can use as a jumpstart for your custom client presentations. Besides the basics, we’ll demo interesting and innovative ways to rock your schemes followed by a hands-on pattern lab session that will start you on your way to becoming a pattern mix master.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE16 – 2:30−3:45
Styling Secrets and Strategies
JoAnne Lenart-Weary, Principal, JLW Company
Shhh, I’m going to share the secrets of Interior Decorators and Designers who understand the power of visual merchandising when decorating a home. Good design is based on solid design principles that work for projects of all price points. From Farmhouse to Penthouse, learn the strategies to wow the agent, homeowner and most importantly the potential buyer.

Attendees will learn:

* One Vignette…3 ways

* Impact of the Triangle

* Numbers that Matter

* Vertical and horizontal layering

* Personality Pieces

* Farmhouse or Penthouse-the Chic Factor

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE17 – 2:30−3:45
Mastering Motorization of Custom Window Coverings
O’D McKewan, General Manager, Master Installer, 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings
This class will teach you how to design and manage high end custom motorization projects for both residential and commercial projects. You will learn how to specify wiring, power supplies, and location of hardware needed. You will learn specific installation techniques to minimize your costs and limit return service calls to allow for larger overall profits per project. We will discuss some of the newest technologies in automation including voice activation and how to integrate with other components including A/V, HVAC, and lighting. By the end of this course you should feel confident in working with contractors, electricians, and automation programmers to sell, design and install custom window covering projects.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE18 – 2:30−3:45
It’s All in the Details: Embellishments and Beyond
Tammy Paradoski, Owner, Daisy Chain, LLC
What makes a couture outfit stunning? It’s all in the details. Not only the fabrics and trims that are used but also the meticulous crafting of the garment. Creating truly custom soft furnishings is like making a couture outfit for a client’s home. Whether it be window treatments, pillows or bedding, in order to create one-of-a-kind, personalized products we need to have attention to detail and creative ideas. Doing so will make happier clients while increasing the bottom line. This class will look at various unique details and embellishments that will take ordinary designs to extraordinary giving attendee’s fresh ideas and excitement.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

WE19 – 5:15−7:00
2017 Awards Ceremony
Window Fashion Design & Workroom Competitions
In an Oscar-themed celebration and recognition of the best projects in custom window fashions, join Window Fashion VISION publisher Grace McNamara in revealing and celebrating the winners. Be among the first to meet and congratulate the winners and discover the ideas and inspirations behind the top projects of the 2017 competitions. FREE event, cash bar available and hors d’oeuvres. Join us for this special Award Ceremony which will take place at the Mint Museum in the Silverman Grand Room located directly across from the Convention Center using the College Street exit. FREE

THURSDAY, March 9, 2017

TH1-S – 9:00−12:00
Super Session: Advanced Techniques for Designing & Installing Motorized Window Coverings
O’D McKewan, General Manager, Master Installer, 3 Blind Mice
If you are comfortable selling standard motorization for window coverings, this class will take you to the next level of custom motorization. It will allow you to speak confidently about motor options, power supplies and control options. It will define the correct terminology when describing the motorized window coverings to prospective clients, electrical engineers and automation integrators.

You will learn:

* How to select the proper motor for your application

* The difference between pre-wire and retro-fit wiring

* About home run and localized power supplies

* Secret installation techniques to separate you from your competitors

* How to integrate with home/work automation systems

* How to handle commercial applications

WFCP Certified: $120 Non-Certified: $165

TH2 –S- 9:00−12:00
Super Session: Inside the Installer’s Vehicle
Jim Shinn, Owner, Simply the Best
Having “All of the Right Tools” doesn’t make an installation go smoothly; BUT, it certainly can help. Jim will show you every tool any installer should have. Creating the best working van environment will also be discussed and demonstrations will include impact driver, reciprocating saw, scroll saw and rotary hammer.
WFCP Certified: $120 Non-Certified: $165

TH3 – 9:15−10:30 It’s Personal: Secrets of the Bespoke Window
Deb Barrett, Principal, Window Dressings, Design Confidential Blog and Soft Design Lab
Some window treatments are truly ideal, you connect with them so strongly they become Bespoke—your personal perfect fit. Deb pulls back the curtain to unveil the secrets of the bespoke window with this seminar. She’ll inspire you to flex your design muscle with an in-depth examination of the tips and the secrets of impeccably tailored treatments that can’t be satisfied through custom. You’ll gain a wealth of couture knowledge from a mix of hands-on samples and images. Enrich your portfolio with techniques, artistry and details to offer your clients a truly bespoke window fashions. It’s more than custom; it’s personal.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH4 – 9:15-10:30
Beginners: Right Solutions: Calculating Yardage and Quoting: Products to Save You Time & Money
Laurie Medford, Industry Expert, GCWA, WCAA, WFCP and IDS
Have you ever run across a product and said, “Where’s that been my entire career”? This is the session to learn about gadgets, products, tools and tips that allow you to put out great product is less time and with less mistakes. This session will cover things from measuring to design through installation and is a must for any new workroom.

In this session you will learn:

1. About industry tools to increase your bottom line

2. How and when to use which tool

3. Which tools are absolute “musts” for your toolbox

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH5 – 9:15-10:30
Printing Design Techniques
Renee Rucci, Renee Rucci Design and Julie Wood, The Leading Edge Drapery, LLC Printing Design Techniques
How to print your existing designs using various print methods such as block printing, silk screen and ink jet printing. Learn the process involved for each technique. Obtain resources for each printing method and cost variables. Within this workshop you will also learn about the various looks that can be achieved and compare the results of these techniques. WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH6- 9:15-10:30
Be Your Brand
Michele Williams, Scarlet Thread Consulting, WCAA
What is your brand? Is it distinguishable from your competition? Do you even know what you are saying to those watching you? In this session you will learn the foundations of branding, why it is important, and why you and your staff always represent your brand. Join Michele Williams to investigate best practices in branding and to leave with the ability to differentiate your business from the competition.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH7 – 11:00-12:15
What’s Trending and why it’s Important
JoAnne Lenart-Weary, Principal, JLW Company
Face it, one of the things that keeps us in business is we are never really done decorating. Just about the time you think a space is done, the “powers that be” dictate it is time for a change. What was beautiful in 2015 is passé in 2017, ensuring our clients continue to need our services. It is imperative you stay on top of trends to give your jobs a fresh look. If you are using the same colors, accessories, textiles and furniture styles as even 2 years ago, chances are your projects look tired and dated.

Attendees will learn:

* How to stay on top of trends

* Trend or classic, how to tell the difference

* 2017 Trends you must include in your staging

* Why HomeGoods and retail stores can’t fill all your needs

* How to find vendors and resources

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH8 – 11:00-12:15
25 Workroom Tips; Work Smarter, Not Harder
Tracy Windley, Drapery & Design Magazine, Tammy Paradoski, Owner, Daisy Chain, LLC
With over 40 years of combined workroom experience, these instructors will be sharing the tips and tools which make them efficient and successful in their businesses. You will have a chance to view most of the ingenious tools discussed, jot down sources for ordering and take as many photos as you wish. You will also go on a virtual tour of both of their workrooms, offices and showroom to steal layout and efficiency ideas you can replicate in your own spaces.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH9 – 11:00-12:15
What Will Work in 2017 to Generate More Leads
Welton Hong, Founder of Ring Ring Marketing
It’s not easy to keep up with the ever-changing trends and developments in promoting your business online. We will go over the proven online marketing strategies that will work in 2017 and beyond so that you can stay ahead of the curve.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH10 – 11:00-12:15 The Future of Fabrics
Susan Schultz, Editor of WF Vision Magazine, Principal of Space Downtown

There is a revolution taking place. Driven by the convergence of technology and increasingly demanding consumers, the highly traditional textile market in undergoing a rapid transformation. The textiles of tomorrow won’t be just pretty but instead being able to actively help shape and improve our environments: Fabrics that sense and adjust to changes in temperature and lighting, fabrics that improve skin texture, fabrics that communicate, fabrics that reduce environmental waste, and so much more. Touch and see the future of fabric—pretty and smart!

Attendees will learn:

• Overview of Smart Textile/Modern Materials research and developments

• New fibers and fabrics created from algae, mushrooms, bacteria and other unlikely sources

• The impact of Nano-technology

• What to expect in wearable and livable tech from companies currently working in the field

WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH11 – 12:30-1:45
Keynote Luncheon and Book signing Interior Design Master Class
Carl Dellatore, Industry Veteran, Textile Designer, Author
Interior Design Master Class, released by Rizzoli New York in October of 2016, combines the wisdom of more than 100 of America’s preeminent designers into what could only be described as an extensive course in the decorative arts. Industry veteran Carl Dellatore, who conceived and edited the book, shares insight into the project’s development.
WFCP Certified/Non-Certified: $65

TH12 – 1:00 – 3:00
WCAA Student Tour – “Introduction to the Window Coverings Industry”
Lead by Michele Williams, WCAA Past President, Owner, Scarlet Thread Consulting
Join industry leaders for an exciting introduction to window coverings. Learn how to add pizzazz to a room and make money, as well as how to find and meet the best vendors, fabricators and installers for your project. Start your journey in interiors with the confidence and resources to make you successful!


Super Session: Confident Swags
Ann Johnson, Owner, Sew Easy Windows, a wholesale workroom
Swags are a classic look. Refresh your knowledge for drafting basic swags – including converting finished dimensions to pattern dimensions and drawing and adjusting the pattern. Point-to-point (drapery) swag patterns are simple to draft with a low bulk finish to the pleats. Learn amazing tips for fabricating huge swags.
WFCP Certified: $120 Non-Certified: $165

Closing High End Sales
Jim Shinn, Owner, Simply the Best
Breaking the High-End Sales barrier would seem by many as a mystical and allusive goal, nothing could be further from the truth. Let Jim with all his years of sales experience walk you through the perceived land mines to get you to the “pot-of-gold” at the end of your rainbow.
WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH15 – 2:30-3:45
How to Increase Your Online Reputation and Reviews
Welton Hong, Founder of Ring Ring Marketing
One of the best free ways to generate leads is to take advantage of 3rd party review sites such as Yelp, Houzz, Google, etc. We will uncover the tactics on how to monitor reviews, get more positive reviews, and get negative reviews removed. WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50

TH16 – 2:30-3:45
Window Dressing: Now and Then
Renee Rucci, Renee Rucci Design and Julie Wood, The Leading Edge Drapery, LLC
History of window treatment designs and how the iconic fabrication styles evolved through the centuries. Attendees will obtain in depth knowledge on the history of window treatments from the colonial period to the present with a focus on treatment application, function and the incorporation of hardware into the design. This workshop is perfect for those seeking information for historic preservation and incorporating window covering designs to fit the period of home. WFCP Certified: $35 Non-Certified: $50


For questions regarding the IWCE Educational Program, please email